Often, the best way to win is to forget to keep score
Mariane Espinosa Murphy

You have in this short time acted like a good sherpa, listening and guiding and steering us away from many pitfalls and precipices. Throughout it all I have felt your utter commitment to a positive outcome, as if you would countenance no other, and consequently you have a achieved a good result.  I believe both X and I are better off for the experience of seeing you. Thank you Alexandra for your immeasurable help.  What you do is so important and I wish you all the success in the world to carry on with passion and conviction helping others in their dark moments. 

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings

Before legal proceedings are issued, parties are now required to give careful consideration to mediation and other forms of appropriate dispute resolution. Failure to do so can result in possible court adjournments and can be taken into account in legal costs.

I strive to understand the dynamics of the parties and the issues they wish to resolve. I then help parties to decide for themselves the right way forward for them.

I am happy to work closely with solicitors and barristers where this would assist.

The paths available to separating couples are not mutually exclusive and it is possible to mix and match or try different processes for different things.

An interview is likely to last at least one hour. I will see couples together or individually as they prefer.

If you need help with:

  • family mediation
  • divorce
  • separation agreements
  • child support
  • maintenance agreements
  • parenting plans
  • children disputes
  • commmunication
  • conflict resolution
  • legal advice
  • solicitor services
  • collaborative law

M.K. Gandhi
My joy was boundless. I had learnt the true practice of law I had learnt to find out the better side of human nature and to enter men's hearts I realised that the true function of a lawyer was to unite parties riven asunder M.K. Gandhi

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